Auntie’s House Yam Porter


In the wise words of Young Jeezy:

“Close shop then I do my count
Hide the rest of the yams at my auntie house”

Since those lyrics are obviously about taking inventory of your craft beer supply, we’ve got your re-up with this delicious holiday “Casserole Porter” in Jeezy’s honor!

Layered with rich chocolate and caramel malts, this silky smooth Milk Porter is dosed with a spoonful of lactose. Then it was absolutely jam-packed with sweet potatoes, chopped pecans, vanilla, and cinnamon — to bring all the comforting flavors of Southern holidays at Auntie’s House. Notes of dark chocolate, marshmallows, brown sugar, candied nuts, and Thanksgiving dessert casserole.

6.5% ABV / Crowler