Catawba Bear Tales: Caramel-Cream Brown Ale


Catawba’s Bear Season returns with a new spin on old stalwart Brown Bear. Remember those caramel-cream candies from your childhood popularly known as “bovine tales” (copyright protected)? Well, it turns out that Bear Tales are more our genre now — with the nostalgia factor thrown in as a bonus!

This Bear has a tale to tell. See, it all started with Brown Bear, an English-style Brown Ale that happens to be one of our oldest beers. The recipe actually predates Catawba as a nameless homebrew of our own, Billy Pyatt, from sometime in the mid-Nineties. Billy’s homage to the malty dark beers of Northern England is dominated by its nutty character, with layers of chocolate and roast, and a medium-dry finish.

Bear Tales then reimagines our Bear with caramel flavor, vanilla beans, and lactose, complementing the beer’s underlying dark chocolate notes and transforming it into a sweet, rich, creamy, decadent candy beer. Trust us when we say, this tall Tale’s for you!

5.2% ABV / Crowler

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