Catawba Euro Zombie


Catawba’s Halloween 2021 Zombie has logged more kilometers than any of its famous cousins, turning heads across the Carolinas with a cool Flemish accent and distinctive European sense of style. After a brisk swim across the Atlantic, he’s in prime condition for Asheville’s 2nd annual White Zombie 5k, where our undead guest of honor will have eye sockets on the prize.

The newest addition to the horde, Euro Zombie puts a fresh spin on a winning formula. This wheat ale was fermented with a Belgian Wit yeast strain, and spiced with coriander, cumin, grains of paradise, and lemon peel. It sports a classic Witbier flavor profile — more spice-forward and estery than the original White Zombie — accented by refreshing citrus notes for a clean, quenching finish.

5.1% ABV / Crowler