Cool Cats & Kittens Blackberry Smoothie Sour


NEW RELEASE 4/24! You thought we named this beer Cool Cats & Kittens so we could make cat puns and pop culture references on social media? Okay, well maybe that was part of the reason. But mostly it was because our Asheville specialty brewer who made this beer, Paul, hails from the one and only Wynnewood, Oklahoma — home of the now famous animal park featured in a certain Netflix series. Exotic indeed.

Brewed with over 50 lbs of blackberries per barrel, this is hands down our favorite release from the sour program this year — and arguably one of the best overall!  5.6% ABV (crowler or 32oz growler)

Sensory: Thick, smoothie-like mouthfeel. Bright sour berry explosion.

Note:  This product is sold out in Charlotte.

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