Dancing Witch: Orange-Coconut Hefeweizen


In old Germany scarecrows were fashioned into figures of witches made out of wood. At the start of the season, farmers would carry them through the wheat fields in a ceremonial dance, drawing out the spirit of winter and hastening spring. The witch then guarded the newly planted crops and frightened away foraging birds. It was an essential job in a country that required plenty of wheat to make its famous Hefeweizen.

Our Dancing Witch does things a bit differently. You’ll notice she’s timed her arrival with the start of summer. Oh, and she’s also traded in her traditional Dirndl for a hula skirt, leaving behind Bavaria en route to a tropical vacation.

Sensory: An addition of fresh fruit intermingles with the banana and clove flavor profile of this classic German Hefeweizen, leading with a kiss of toasted coconut and juicy orange Tiki-style goodness. Light and endlessly refreshing, it features a soft mouthfeel and maximum crush-ability.

5.5% ABV / 32 oz Crowler


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