Every Hour Is Happy Hour Kölsch


NEW RELEASE 5/28!  Remember back when there was a distinct difference between weekdays and weekends? How we used to tell ourselves there was a “correct” time for the first beer of the day? The concept of a “happy hour” has gotten a lot more flexible in the new world, and lately we find that our clock always reads Palmetto:30. But if we’ve learned anything, it’s this: Keep it light and sessionable — you’ve gotta choose a beer that’s in it for the long haul if you hope to be.

“Every Hour Is Happy Hour” is just the beer for these troubled times. Light, crisp, and effervescent, this classic Kölsch-style ale drinks like a fine German lager. Noble hops balance the pale malt character with floral, earthy notes and provide its characteristic dry finish.  5.6% ABV (crowler)

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