Fruited Belgian Stout w/ Raspberries & Pineapple


The Stout is a chameleon of a beer style, colored by history and geography. Originating as a working-class dark ale in 18th century England, it was famously transformed for export to the east, where it evolved into the well-fortified Russian Imperial Stout. In the hands of a Belgian brewer, the Stout becomes something else entirely.

Our Belgian-inspired Stout was brewed with a blend of seven specialty grains, lending deep mahogany color and familiar notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and roast. A Trappist ale yeast strain completes this distinctly Belgian interpretation, creating unexpected layers of dark fruit — figs, plums, raisins — and a hint of spice. Finally, the beer was fermented on raspberries and pineapple, piercing the darkness with bright notes of sweet-tart tropical spring nectar.

Beer Trivia: The word “stout” means “naughty” in Flemish. You’ve been warned.

6.5% ABV / Crowler

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