Italian Pilsner


Our Italian-style Pilsner is an homage to the beer of Lake Como, Italy, where the locals aren’t afraid of a little hop character in their light lager.

This interpretation of the style showcases the famous German-grown Noble hop, Hallertau Mittelfrüh. As you’d expect with any Pilsner, it’s crisp, clean, smooth, and easy-drinking with those subtly sweet biscuit notes provided by Pilsner malts.

But what distinguishes the Italian-style Pilsner is all in the dry-hop. Expect in-your-face hop character in the aroma and the sip – and not like the citrus and pine hops that you find in American IPAs. These German Nobles are floral, herbal, spicy, earthy, grassy, complex. The end result is a fresh take on a classic style that’s superbly flavorful, dry, and quenching.

To paraphrase a familiar marketing tag line:  We invite you to taste a Pilsner again for the first time.

4.7% ABV / Crowler

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