Keep It On the Lo: Session Blonde Ale


Shhh, we’re not trying to hear that fall has arrived quite yet. Don’t get us wrong, we love fall beers as much as anyone. But we’ve still got a few more summer session crushers to pump out first before the pumpkin spice craze takes its turn.

If you’re looking to keep it summery, sessionable, and secretive, Keep It On the Lo is your new obsession. This Blonde Ale is low ABV, low calorie, low carb, low availability, low everything…except flavor.

German malts lend notes of soda cracker with hushed tones of dark honey. German Pearle and Centennial hops create just enough complexity with whispers of citrus and floral intrigue. Then it finishes dry, crisp, and downright lager-clean. Good luck trying to drink only one!

3.8% ABV / 4-pack

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