Lemon-Cucumber Kolsch


A brewery tour of modern day Berlin would seem to confirm the Reinheitsgebot is a relic of the past, as the local brewers aren’t the least bit shy about talking up their adjunct-heavy Milkshake IPAs and Pastry Stouts. With that in mind, we’re putting a guilt-free twist on a classic Kolsch-style beer. So don’t try to beer-shame us, German beer purists!

We started with a nod to tradition, adhering to Old World methods unique to the Kolsch style. Columbus hops balance the beer’s biscuit-like Pilsner malt character with floral, earthy notes. And true to style, the beer is cold-fermented with ale yeast. In the end, this Kolsch is light, crisp, dry, and effervescent — still entirely on script. What you might not expect is a generous addition of cucumbers and lemon puree. Oh yes, we did. And now look what happened: We’ve gone and turned a classic Kolsch into a Pimm’s Cup cocktail in beer form. But you’ll get no apologies from us, this beer is a crusher!

6.0% ABV / Crowler

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