Maple Breakfast Stout


There’s a myth that one can’t consume dark liquids when it’s hot outside. But do you apply the same misguided mythology to coffee? Of course not. And that’s why we’re here to say there’s a place for dark coffee beers in the summer. There, we said it. Now go ahead and enjoy a pint of Maple Breakfast Stout and try to tell us we’re wrong.

Brewed with caramel & chocolate malts and roasted barley, this beer began as a smooth, full-bodied American Stout. From there, we blended in cold-brewed Arabica coffee until it had just the right balance of chocolate, dark roast, toasted nuts, and a subtle hint of blueberry. Then we topped it with a light drizzle of real maple syrup, finishing our new favorite breakfast beer on a sweet (but not too sweet!), creamy, frothy note.

6.5% ABV / Crowler


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