The Three Mulleteers: Tangerine Creamsicle Triple Milkshake IPA


Join us on a trip down memory lane to simpler times – the 1990s. Specifically, the time when Will Ferrell’s Harry Caray posed the philosophical question of the ages: “If you were a hot dog and you were starving, would you eat yourself?”

This inspired countless midnight debates among SNL viewers, yet mysteriously there’s no record of anyone asking the obvious follow-up: “If your mullet were a beer, would you drink it?”

Well, it may have taken a couple decades, but rest assured it’s now been asked and answered…with the verdict being a resounding HELL YEAH!

This “party in the back” Creamsicle Triple Milkshake IPA rocks the defining characteristics of the haze craze – juicy/fruit-forward, soft/creamy mouthfeel, full body, low bitterness, cloudy/turbid appearance – and pushes all of those sensory elements to the XXXtreme. Dry-hopped with a fruitastic blend of Cashmere, Rakau, Citra, Pacific Jade, and Huell Melon. Then fermented on a mountain of tangerine puree – with natural vanilla flavor and lactose.

Beer Trivia:  The three well-coiffed gentlemen pictured on the label are Catawba Asheville’s own Paul, Ben, and Matt – the notorious Three Mulleteers – who spent a good portion of 2020 introducing the mullet to another unsuspecting decade.

Cheers to a New Year! Long live the mullet!  🤘

10.0% ABV / 4-pack

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