Well Red: Irish Red Ale


Here’s to the well-read Irish lad who’s fond of quoting James Joyce to his mates over pints. An old favorite:

“The sacred pint alone can unbind the tongue…”

…which got us thinking: What if the sacred pint itself were Well Red? [mind blown emoji]

This is the first of two Irish-style Passport beers leading up to St. Patrick’s Day 2021. Ireland is best known for its Stouts, but the Red Ale is a classic style in its own right. Lightly kilned malts are responsible for its deep amber color and defining flavor profile. A descendant of two English styles, Bitter and Pale Ale, the modern Irish Red traces its roots to the town of Kilkenny circa 1710.

Sensory: Malt-forward with notes of caramel, toffee, bread crust, and dark fruits. Finishes exceptionally smooth with just a slight hint of hop bitterness.

5.5% ABV / Crowler

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