WTHelles German Lager


WTH happened to beer-flavored beer? WTH happened to clean, crisp golden craft lager? WTH happened to the Reinheitsgebot? WTHelles is here to ease the worried minds of purists everywhere — and to assure you not a single pastry ingredient was involved in its making.

The Helles style originated in Bavaria just over a century ago as a refinement of the Bohemian Pilsner. The word “helles” translates as “light” or “bright” – both of which apply to the beer’s color and character. The style is celebrated for its elegant simplicity, expert craft, and quality ingredients – making it an exceptionally versatile choice for food pairings. Soft and bready, a hint of German malt sweetness, a touch of Noble hop spice, all in perfect balance. This is a beer for beer lovers. WTHelles indeed.

5.5% ABV / Crowler

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